Saturday, July 28, 2012

My "First" Meal

Don't get me wrong...I have created meals before. It's not my first time using a frying pan or an oven and I'm not holding a knife, wielding it around thinking "how do I use this thing?". But my goal is to take my culinary expertise farther than being able to make a grilled cheese with tomato.

Starting tonight, I want to be able to develop different skills, create beautiful meals, and truly understand food and recipes for more than its nutrient content. I know I'll never fully master (if anyone has completely mastered this) the art of cooking, but at least this is a start to a lifelong useful skill.

Tonight, I will be serving Corn Stuffed Tomatoes and Shrimp Tacos (both recipes courtesy of a July 2010 issue of Light & Delish) to Steve, my boyfriend, and Ali, my wonderful cousin. If there were any 2 people that I would want to share this experience with, it would be them.

I'll update after my summery, slightly Spanish creations have been composed.

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