Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Let The Great Experiment Begin!

Lots of things are ending: my college career (from graduating, not from wheeling shopping carts around dorm buildings), Jeff Winger's Greendale experience, the Office will be soon (congrats to Dwight and Angela!), and the season finale of Parks and Recreation was a whole two weeks ago (needless to say, I've been quite lonely without Lesley Knope), and last night was the season finale of the Mindy Project. And, yes, I do measure my life in the television shows I frequently watch. And, yes, I could continue with listing the ends of things measured in television because the season finale of Grey's Anatomy is Thursday (stupid Arizona, let Meredith's baby be okay, and Alex and Jo just be together already!). Okay, that's it, I promise. And with the end of college comes the end of cable (for me, not the world), which means...

I get to say hello to some new beginnings of my life: hello to actually blogging to satisfy my biggest fans (hi Grandma Jane), hello to Netflix and HuluPlus, hello to whatever television series may satisfy my never-ending need for visual story telling, hello to not studying (what? Is this real life? I forgot what 8 hours of sleep a night felt like...I think I'm actually a superhero but lack of sleep caused my powers to diminish slightly), and a huge hello to the return of Arrested Development (catch up - They've unmade a huge mistake.

So what does all of this television consumption have to do with my continuing journey into the cooking world? Everything. Along with my usual trial and extremely probably error and failure, I am going to start a new experiment (...get it now) where I make the foods and dishes of my favorite television characters. Waffles for Lesley Knope, beets for Dwight, and of course frozen bananas for the Bluths. But not squirrel for Daryl from the Walking Dead. Definitely not that.

Please follow me on this television-inspired post-college graduate cooking and baking experience. Hopefully, I can inspire you to take on a food challenge of your own...or at least start watching some more television like yours truly.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. And I am your biggest fan !! What were you doing up at 6:27AM to post this, you should be catching up on long lost sleep. Can't wait to try some of your new recipes. Grandma Jane